Every year I've been in toronto, Ive done some sort of pride theme website, youtube videos, and posted photos on every social media site I can think of promoting pride, and vlogging my experiences.

 I am blessed to live in Toronto, the city that is hosting World Pride.

 I love diversity, and it isn't the gay-community that makes me happy about pride, it isn't the transgender community, or bisexual community, or everything in between; its the people who come out to show their support and their pride for the lgbt community.

The people who have supported me throughout my transition, are my real heros'  It has been my family and friends that stood by me, and supported me through my ups' downs and through my career.

To cities all over the world, and to visitors of my website, and Toronto. Happy WORLD Pride.


 Sam VIP

General update..

I love all of my clients and loyal viewers and followers of my website..

 As many of you know I am currently in school, so my availability for all of my bookings is very limited.   Please don't be upset if I have to postpone a booking or am unavailable. And of course, If  I am unavailable, I will always give you a referral elsewhere.

 So please email me for updates and concerns if you have them and please be specific.

 August 2014  Ill be available.

xoxo Sam VIP